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Our dynamic approach is Unusual, Comprehensive, Complete, and Built for you.

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A distinctive approach, backed by our exceptional qualifications.

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We weave expert tax consulting directly into our wealth management service.

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Steady Toward Your Goals

 We offer customized, non-proprietary solutions solely in 
 our Clients’ best interest. 

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A message from the Founder.

“Investing is truly about enjoying the journey. It is only in hindsight, after years of doing the right thing, that you get to sit down and appreciate the destination with the client.”

Robert Paul Boggs, President

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Advice from our Director of Planning.

“I really enjoy working with the R.P. Boggs team, helping clients meet all of their retirement goals. It makes me happy to see retirees having a fun eventful retirement, whether they are going on cruises, helping their grandchildren, or giving to their favorite charities.”

Derek Lewis, Director of Planning

16 MAY

Roth-IRA’s- An Underutilized Financial Tool

Many people are aware of the significant benefits of Roth IRA’ s compared to traditional IRA’s , but there are several ways to take advantage of them that are often overlooked.

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Benefits Available to Senior Citizens or Their Caregivers in South Carolina

There are many benefits available to seniors or people caring for seniors living in South Carolina, some of which are not widely known.

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Fun facts


57 percent of investors have not set financial goals


67 percent of people have no financial plan.

Gut Instincts

77 percent of investors are making decisions on gut instinct.

investment knowledge

20 percent of investors claim that their investment knowledge is very strong.