Our Process

As Certified Financial Planners we use the 6-step process for our planning services.

  • 1. Establish Relationship

    In our initial meeting we will mutually define the scope of our engagement with the client.








  • 2. Gather Data

    Also in our initial meeting and throughout our process we strive to to determine the client’s personal and financial goals, needs, and priorities.








  • 3. Analyze and Evaluate

    After our initial meeting we ask the client to provide us with the necessary financial data so that we can analyze and evaluate your situation and provide recommendations for improvement.








  • 4. Present Recommendations

    Once we complete our analysis, we will meet with our client and present our financial planning recommendations. Sometimes there are multiple alternatives and there are often extensive discussions before any decisions are made.








  • 5. Implement Recommendations

    Once we have agreed on the recommendations, we then agree on the implementation responsibilities between the client and us.








  • 6. Monitor Results

    We then agree on monitoring responsibilities and continue to assist in implementing the plan. We may have follow-up meetings to determine progress, or we will discuss at our next regularly scheduled meeting.