Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates us from other financial advisors?

We are an independent firm that sells no proprietary products and have no alternative agendas. We are a “fee-only” firm which means that we receive no income from any products. We offer conflict-free advice. When you succeed, we succeed.

What does being a Fiduciary mean?

R.P. Boggs & Co. is and always has been a fiduciary. Recently the Department of Labor has required that all firms become fiduciaries starting in early 2017. This has been very controversial within the financial planning industry, but we at R.P. Boggs & Co. support the change and will continue the fiduciary standard of putting our client’s interest before our own interest.

What is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

Consumers are frequently confused between the terms fee-only advisor and fee-based advisor. These terms refer to how the advisor is compensated and they have vastly different meanings. Whether your advisor is “Fee-Only” or “Fee-Based” will have a huge impact on the type of advice you are provided and the types of investment products which are recommended to you. R.P. Boggs is a fee-only advisor which means the only source of compensation we receive is from fees paid directly to us from clients. No commissions are received. No commissioned annuities are recommended. With a fee-only advisor you can be assured of conflict-free advice.

On the other hand, a fee-based advisor is one that not only can receive fees from the client, but they can also accept commissions from financial products recommended, or annuities and insurance sold. This fee-based system creates the potential for a conflict of interest. We feel this type of advisory relationship is not in the best interest of the client.