What Duke Energy Employees Need To Know To Prepare For Retirement

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As an employee of Duke Energy, you have access to an employee benefits package that offers a variety of valuable financial, healthcare, and insurance benefits.


At R.P. Boggs & Co., we have helped many Duke employees prepare for retirement by educating them on how to make strategic elections to maximize their corporate retirement benefits. As independent financial advisors familiar with the plan, we’d like to share our recommendations for how to make the most of your Duke retirement benefits.

We believe that as the world becomes more complicated, planning becomes increasingly critical. It is never too early to plan ahead and maximize your employee benefits prior to retirement. We hope you find this guide helpful as you navigate your Duke retirement benefits.


Quick Topics:


Duke Medical Plans

For those who do not qualify for retiree medical or choose not to use it, you have access to COBRA coverage that allows you to continue the active medical plan, at your expense, for up to 18 months after termination.

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Coordination Of Social Security With Duke Benefits

At R.P. Boggs, we use an advanced computer program to make sure we optimize the benefits for you and your spouse. Such an analysis requires us to look at your sources of income, primarily Duke benefits, to see if we can delay applying for Social Security to increase the benefits.

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The Duke Retirement Savings 401(k) Plan

Besides your pension, your other significant asset from your Duke benefits is your 401(k) plan. You have two planning opportunities here that we like to discuss during the year of retirement.

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